$55 | 1 hr   Deep Tissue Massage

This massage combines the techniques trigger point, neuromuscular and Swedish with a pressure to reach the deeper layers of tissue for optimal results. This massage helps to alleviate pain and muscle spasms, aids in rehabilitation and increases range of motion.

$65 | 1 hr Hot Stone Massage

A thoroughly relaxing experience using placement of moistened and heated stones on key energy points. Warmth from the stones radiates deeply into the muscles to bring your body into equilibrium and promote energy flow and healing.

$50 | 1 hr  Swedish Massage

A classic European full-body massage using soothing, relaxing strokes to increase circulation, improve skin and muscle tone and to achieve total rejuvenation. This massage boosts the immune system and increases mental and physical health.

$65 | 1 hr Aromatherapy Massage

Restore your body with a variety of essential oils applied with a raindrop technique up and down the body. This technique balances the body and aligns energy centers. It is effective in boosting the immune system and reducing pain and tension.

$50 | 1 hr  Prenatal Massage

A gentle massage specifically designed to meet the needs of women and their changing body during pregnancy. Swedish techniques are used with safe semi-reclined positioning and body pillows for extra comfort. Reduces fatigue and relieves muscle cramps, spasms and pain.

$50 | 1 hr  Lymphatic Massage

Gentle light strokes are used to push the skin in directions that follow the structure of the lymphatic system allowing accumulated toxins to drain through proper channels. This technique stimulates the body's natural healing response and speeds up recovery.

$50 | 1 hr  Reflexology Foot Massage

An ancient technique that incorporates specific pressure point massage on the feet to release energy flow to various corresponding organs in the body. Not only will your feet feel terrific, your entire body will be revitalized.

$30 | 30 min  Pedicure

A relaxing foot scrub followed by nail shaping, callus removal and hot towels to relieve deep muscle aches. Calf and foot massage will sooth and relieve tension from head to toe. Polish will provide the finishing touch.

$10 | 15 min  CHI Treatment

Experience the rhythmic movement of your spine and joints as your whole body relaxes. The gentle oscillation motion boosts the immune system and promotes health benefits including increased circulation, reduced swelling, lymph detox, and relief of muscle pain.

$10 | 15 min  Infrared Heat Therapy

This treatment works at the cellular level delivering infrared heat into muscle tissue that increases circulation, reduces inflammation and promotes healing.

$70 | 1 hr   Cupping Massage

To relieve the most subborn pain, deep tissue combined with cupping will soften tight muscles, loosen adhesions, lift connective tissue, and bring hydration and blood flow to speed recovery. Massage Cupping aids in the healing and regeneration process.